EXTRA! Daryl From OnCar wins Best Comedy Short at the 2009 LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival. -- posted Mar 9 2009

Welcome to OnCar - The most important do-it-all driver assistance system in automotive history.
OnCar Customer seeks help with vehicle lock-out. OnCar™ is a sophisticated state-of-the-art vehicle tracking system, able to perform numerous functions related to your driving comfort. OnCar™ can unlock your car door remotely, adjust your cabin temperature, load your seat pre-sets, summon police or medical services, change a flat tire, activate cruise control, offer nutritional advice and even deliver weather information, stock quotes (including the yield on the ten-year note) and sport scores in real-time. OnCar is available free for life on all new Domestic Motors vehicles. OnCar Customer Ted, middle-aged accidental vice president type.

"OnCar™ is a real... driver assistance service...  I love...  Oncar™.  My personal concierge, Daryl was... Helpful... Useful... It's the only system in my vehicle that I can't turn off no matter how hard I try."

-- Ted

Middle-aged man
Recent Vice President of
a California firm

OnCar Customer Judy, an attractive homemaker.

"I was skeptical at first.  I thought Oncar™ was just another toy for my gadget loving husband.  But quickly I saw that OnCar is exactly what my family needed. There have been few situations where I've turned to OnCar™ and he, I mean it, hasn't been able to provide me with the assistance that I needed."

-- Judy
Attractive homemaker
a California home
New OnCar™ Large Prynt™ Button
OnCar dashboard with Large Prynt button. Exceeding the compliance standards dictated by the Americans With Disabilities Act, OnCar™ is pleased to introduce the most important element of the OnCar™ feature-rich controle module, the Large Prynt™ edition assistance button. Our expert R&D teams have determined that in either an emergency situation or a disaster event, the Large Prynt button is crucial for the survival of your family. We have incorporated this concept feature directly into the dashboard console where the clock used to be.
Daryl From OnCar™:  Employee Of The Month
When Ted locked his keys in the car, he thought he was screwed. Fortunately, his brand-new fully-loaded 2007 Domestic Minivan came equipped with OnCar – the state-of-the-art on-board navigation/ concierge/emergency help system with built-in hands-free wireless social networking and analog curb-feelers. Within moments, Daryl, Ted’s customer service ambassador, had unlocked the car remotely and saved the day.

Ted soon discovered that OnCar could do far more than advertised. One touch of the user-friendly red button and Daryl could get Ted virtually anything he wanted. It was like Knight Rider for the mid-life-crisis crowd. Ted considered Daryl one of the family, until Daryl became psycho-obsessive and meddlesome – like one of the family. And when Ted tried to get Daryl to back off, he discovered that you don’t mess with the man from OnCar

Daryl from OnCar: a story of customer service gone horribly right.
Daryl From OnCar is a short film,

Bob Clendenin as Ted
Michele Scarabelli as Judy

Stephen Mendel
Madelynn Fattibene
Floyd Dodd
Rebecca Scott
Gretchen Raff

Directed by David McWhirter

Cinematography by Edward G. Dadulak

Edited by Paul Orehovec

Written by Ron Corcillo and Russ Carney of America

Produced by Ron Corcillo, David McWhirter and Russ Carney of America

Daryl From OnCar debuted on October 28, 2008 at


Daryl From OnCar: Full Version

Daryl From OnCar Trailer v1.0

Daryl From OnCar Trailer v2.0


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OnCar™ is 2008 Russ Carney and Ron Corcillo.  OnCar™ is a commercial parody created solely for satirical and artistic purposes and is protected by the Fair Use concept in copyright law.  Any resemblance to any existing do-it-all driver assistance systems is completely humorous.

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